We are pleased to announce the new edition of the chapter related to France in Global Telecommunications Law and Practice (London: Sweet & Maxwell, ed. Paul Brisby), by Martine Georges-Naïm, our expert for electronic communications and network regulations.

This reference book provides country by country coverage of the regulation of electronic communications markets in all key jurisdictions around the world. Martine is the editor in charge of France.

The updated edition covers the current regulatory framework, licensing and 5G, net neutrality, the French Ultrabroadband program, market regulations and consumer protection issues, amongst other areas.


Martine Georges-Naïm


Martine Georges-Naïm has many years of experience in the regulation and regulation of electronic communications: in business, in administration and as a lawyer, she has acquired an in-depth knowledge of this sector.

First in charge of a mission to the High Authority of Audiovisual Communication, then to the Legal Delegation of France Telecom, from 1987 to 1989, she then held the position of Head of the Legal Mission of the General Directorate of Posts and Telecommunications. (Ministry of P & T) to 1996. It participated in the 1990 and 1996 reforms on the regulation of telecommunications in France and the status of France Telecom and the development of the regulatory framework.